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  • 3071 3071
    Product Information
    Sliding Rails
    Chrome SS rail Ø 18 mm, fixed side brackets and central slider ABS. 
    Length 700mm
  • 3043A 3043A
    Product Information
    Sliding Rail
    Chrome brass rail Ø20.5 mm, adjustable down side bracket and central slider ABS, water inlet uper side bracket

Browse our selection of sliding rail shower set series, We have carefully selected popular sets for you, simple design, easy installation, to add highlights to your bathroom decoration.

A slide shower is a shower head mounted on a rail or track fixed to the wall. The shower head is attached to a sliding mechanism that moves up and down on the rail, allowing the user to adjust the height of the shower head as required. This type of showerhead is often used in bathrooms as an alternative to a traditional fixed showerhead. Some slide showers also come with a handheld shower head that can be removed from the slide rail for added flexibility.

Benefits of using a slide shower:

A slide shower is a shower system that features a slide rail that holds the shower head in place and allows you to adjust the height of the shower head. This is achieved by means of a slide rail mounted on the wall, which has a bracket to hold the shower head in place. The bracket can be moved up and down on the rail to adjust the height of the shower head.

Height adjustment: the slide rail allows you to easily adjust the height of the showerhead to suit different heights, making it more comfortable for everyone to use.

Increased flexibility: the slide rail allows you to adjust the angle of the shower head to direct the water where you need it.

Space saving: Slide-out showers often take up less space than fixed showers, making them a good choice for smaller bathrooms or those with limited space.

Aesthetically pleasing: slide showers are available in different designs and finishes, allowing you to choose a style that complements the overall design of your bathroom.

Easy to clean: the slide rail design makes cleaning the shower easier as the shower head can be moved out of the way to reach the shower floor and walls.

Durable: Our slide showers are made from durable stainless steel, making them a long-lasting accessory in your bathroom.

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Zhongyuan as one of the China Sliding Rail Shower Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Sliding Rail Shower Set Factory. We have modern workshops and professional equipment. Due to high-quality, reasonable price and creative design, Zhongyuan shower series sells very well in Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South Africa and enjoy high reputation from our customers.
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A rail shower set is a shower system that includes a hand shower mounted on a rail. The guide rail is fixed on the wall with screws and can be adjusted up and down to accommodate users of different heights. The hand shower can slide up and down on the rails to adjust the height and angle of the water flow.

What should be paid attention to when using the slide rail shower set?
When using a sliding rail shower set, keep the following points in mind to ensure optimum performance and safety:
1. Check for leaks: Make sure to check the system regularly for any leaks or drips. If any leaks are found, immediately tighten connections or replace damaged parts.
2. Height adjustment: The slide rail allows for height adjustment, so be sure to adjust the height of the shower head to suit the needs of the person using it. This helps prevent discomfort or strain during use.
3. Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the shower head and slide rails to prevent the build-up of minerals, soap scum or mold. This helps maintain good water pressure and prevents clogging.
4. Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials on your shower or slides, as this can damage the finish or cause scratches.
5. Pay attention to the water temperature: Always test the water temperature before showering to avoid scalding or scalding. Consider installing a thermostatic valve to regulate the water temperature.
6. Be careful when adjusting the shower head: Be careful when adjusting the position of the shower head because it can become slippery when wet. Avoid adjusting the shower head while standing on a slippery surface.
By following these tips, you can ensure a safe and comfortable shower experience with a sliding rail shower.