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What does the faucet sitting position mean? It's the faucet commonly seen on wash basins

The sitting faucet is often seen on the washbasin in the washroom. The sitting type is different from the wall type faucet.

Compared with the sitting type faucet, the wall type faucet looks very simple and clear, and is also easy to take care of.

The wall-in faucet is to hide the water pipe in the non-load-bearing wall and only expose the water outlet of the faucet and the control valve of the switch. There is no need to contact the counter of the wash basin directly, and there is really no sanitary dead corner.

But don't "covet" the beauty of the wall-type faucet. It has some shortcomings that must be understood, see if you can accept it.

1. The price is relatively expensive. The purchase and installation costs of wall-mounted faucets are much higher than those of the common traditional sitting faucets.

2. The installation is troublesome. It needs to be smashed into the wall to include the water pipe. It needs to be installed by a professional installation technician

3. It is also very troublesome to repair the problem, because many parts are buried in the wall in the early stage. Generally, the faucet can not be used because of water leakage or rust. We need to find a professional maintenance technician to solve it.

So if your budget is not enough and you don't want to take too many risks, it's no big difference to choose the traditional sitting faucet.

How to choose the right faucet without splashing?

1. When selecting faucets, pay attention to the inclination angle of the water outlet to judge the position where the water column finally touches the basin, so as to avoid splashing when washing.

2. If you prefer a high faucet, you must match it with a deep wash basin, or you will still splash water.

3. If there is a deep storage mirror cabinet above the faucet, you need to leave extra space with the mirror cabinet above the faucet, otherwise it will be more passive to open the faucet up and down, which is inconvenient to switch.